Why Exhibit


Would you like to educate thousands of working employees within your demographic area of how to improve their lives through the products and services that you provide?


  • Market your products and services to thousands of working employees in your area.

  • Low cost way to have face-to-face contact and promote your company while improving thousands of lives.

  • We offer flexible payment arrangements to fit your needs.

You decide which events and how many you attend depending on your personal scheduling needs:


  • A invitation containing the demographic information (including a break down of age, gender & ethnicity) on the companies employees and insurance benefits will be sent to you well in advance of each event.

  • Events are two hours on-site at the hosting corporation's site.


Our professional staff does all the planning and all the work (set-up/tear-down) so you don’t have to:


  • For no charge we provide the linens, tables, chairs, umbrellas and electricity (if required).

  • We will assist you in designing your exhibit to make it attractive to prospective clients.


Market directly to working individuals:


  • Insert your company’s promotional materials inside a Goodie Bag that each participant will take home.

  • Participate in unlimited ”Lunch n Learns" where you educate employees during their lunch hour at no additional cost to you.



Meet the corporations head "decision makers" which will provide you the opportunity of establishing corporate accounts.