Health Screenings


On-site screenings are valuable services that keep your employees’ health in-check. Providing awareness and education for your employees are key in preventing serious health conditions as they begin on their path to health and wellness.


Body Mass Index- Measures percent body fat and body mass index.


Blood Pressure-Tests the individual’s blood pressure levels and provides information on heart health.

Facial Skin Screening

DermaView- Face is seen under black light to reveal potential skin problems (normal, sensitive, dry, dehydrated, acne, or oily skin).

Osteoporosis Screening

Bone Mineral Density Screening-Assess risk of developing osteoporosis. Ultrasound technology measures bone density in the heel. Results and counseling are immediate.

Grip Test Testing

Uses upper body strength using a dynamometer.

Hearing Tests

Tests the individual’s range of hearing to determine if a hearing impairment may exist.

Glaucoma Screening

Interactive screening to identify common risk factors for developing glaucoma.

Skin Cancer Screening

A machine is used to determine how much sun damage is evident on the skin.

Spinal Screening

Evaluation of the curve of the spine and flexibility. Provides information on back health.

Dental Screening

An exam of the teeth and gums.

Vision Screening

Basic eye exam for visual activity.

Diabetes Screening

Glucose- Testing involves finger-stick blood test. Results in 40 seconds, fasting recommended.


Glycosylated Hemoglobin (A1c)- The latest in diabetes screening. Measures glycemic control over past 90-120 days. Results in 6 minutes, no fasting required. Testing involves finger-stick blood test.

Flu Shots

Protect your employees' by offering them annual immunizations. Check for availability.

CardioVascular Screening

Total Cholesterol(TC)- Elevated level of TC is a primary indicator of relative risks of heart disease. Results in 3 minutes and no fasting is required. Testing involves finger-stick blood test.


Total Cholesterol (TC) and HDL Cholesterol- Elevated level of TC and HDL (the good cholesterol). Results in 3 minutes and no fasting is required. Testing involves finger-stick blood test.


Lipid Profile- Screening includes total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and TC/HDL ratio. The ratio provides greater sensitivity in measuring the relative risk of coronary heart disease. Results in 3 minutes, fasting is required. Testing involves finger-stick blood test.



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